I guess we’ll take a short break from the trivialities of my lovelife to address a more pressing issue.

Anyone who knows me knows my politics. I’m not the guy who will yell at you ad nauseum or post whatever relevant political meme is up at the moment. I believe in what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. Last night was obviously a blow to ideals that I believe in. Continue reading “Tomorrow.”


February is a hard month for me. It’s never been a good month, I can list a number of reasons, chief among them, one my best friends passing away in high school during this month. You’d think more than a decade later we would move on from these things, but I don’t think we really … Continue reading Blackbird.


I helped a woman cross the street Wednesday morning.

I’m pretty sure that didn’t ever happen to anyone in real life. That was always the stereotypical thing that boy scouts did, it got them a merit badge right? Well, anyways, whatever small measure of satisfaction I received from that act melted away as soon as I went into my office and turned on my computer. News of another senseless shooting was up on the front page and just more and more about it. For some reason, I just sat and felt defeated.

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