Faking It.

If you didn’t know, I was on a dating reality show called ‘The Proposal’ a while ago. Feel free to catch up on that whole experience here. It’s almost been six months since that aired, and chronologically it feels pretty good to talk about the aftermath of that whole ordeal. There were two main reasons … Continue reading Faking It.

On Shuffle.

I will fully admit that I’m a frequent abuser of the ‘shuffle’ feature. It’s just one of those things I started with as a teenager, and it was great. I could skip from single to single, listening to my favorite tracks with no pause between. No cohesion, just wanting to live through the music. And … Continue reading On Shuffle.

Case In Pointe.

I was late. I hate being late to a date. For some reason this only happens when I’m seeing something at Lincoln Center. Mind you, I wasn’t late by any stretch of time, maybe three minutes or so after she arrived (what, you try getting from the east side to the west side during rush … Continue reading Case In Pointe.

Bachelorhood, Redux.

After trying to get women to be interested in me for my whole adult life, apparently I accidentally stumbled upon the formula. Be truly heartbroken, and use the phrase, “I’m not ready to date anyone yet” repeatedly. During the past hundred days, I’ve accumulated an incredibly awkward amount of phone numbers and Snapcodes (that’s a … Continue reading Bachelorhood, Redux.

A Hundred Days.

“Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.” It’s been a hundred days since Daisy and me ended. I can tell you that not because I’ve been obsessively keeping track of it with scratches on the wall like some prisoner, but because of … Continue reading A Hundred Days.