Chasing Cars.

I think everyone has a teenage soap opera that they grow up on. The cross-section of good looking people, hormones, and drama that we can identify with is too much for anyone to withstand. For me, it was ‘The O.C.’ and to a certain extent, ‘Gossip Girl’. In addition to the three aforementioned elements, there … Continue reading Chasing Cars.

Thirty One.

2017 sucked. That’s the succinct version of it. Let me be clear, being 30 is actually fantastic. I feel like I actually know who I am, what I want, and where I want to go with my life. The actual year was just a cacophony of complete and total ass. A combination of personal shitstorms … Continue reading Thirty One.

On Shuffle.

I will fully admit that I’m a frequent abuser of the ‘shuffle’ feature. It’s just one of those things I started with as a teenager, and it was great. I could skip from single to single, listening to my favorite tracks with no pause between. No cohesion, just wanting to live through the music. And … Continue reading On Shuffle.