The Fire Hydrant at the Top of the Hill

I love eating. I love lounging around. It’s the god’s honest truth. Now, I also love playing sports, but in everyday life, those opportunities come few and far between.

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I was having a conversation with a friend about music and musicians. John Mayer’s new album came up and she said that she didn’t his music anymore. Now, full disclosure, I’m a huge John Mayer fan, and I’m unapologetic about it. I asked her whether the fact that Mayer now has a douchey persona affected … Continue reading Douche.


It’s an unspoken rule of society that the male almost always have to make the first move. I don’t know who Sadie Hawkins was, but she had the right idea. Every once in a while, it’d be nice for a lady to initiate something. However, that’s mostly just me whining. I’d be lying if I was telling you that I enjoy initiating all the time, but every once in while you get to feel something that’s fairly incredible.

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It’s A Matter of Faith




Now is about the time when most people get into serious relationships. I know a lot of people who are in a relationship for the sake of being in one. I feel your mid to late twenties is the time in American society where you should be playing for keeps. Every date becomes magnified, and any relationship longer than a few months becomes a topic of conversation and buzz.

I cannot be further away from that. Maybe it’s because I have the emotional maturity of a high school senior, or it’s just that I don’t feel like playing for keeps, but I am obviously out of my depth. It’s not that I don’t eventually want to get married, but I don’t want to do things for the sake of doing things. I feel like being together for the sake of doing the right thing at the right time is really pointless. Even worse, are the people who were obviously settling for the sake of being in the right relationship status to your age.

Screw that.

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Commitments Instead of Resolutions


It’s funny, I think that New Years’ Eve is the most couple-y of all the holidays. I know you’ll think, “What about Valentine’s Day?”, but there is a whole market devoted to lovelorn and depressed single people on that day. New Years’ Eve? Not so much. But regardless, we know that New Years’ is the time to make resolutions.

I will be completely honest, I have never kept a single resolution, except for the sarcastic ones saying that I resolve not to keep any of my resolutions. Resolutions are pointless.

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