It’s A Matter of Faith




Now is about the time when most people get into serious relationships. I know a lot of people who are in a relationship for the sake of being in one. I feel your mid to late twenties is the time in American society where you should be playing for keeps. Every date becomes magnified, and any relationship longer than a few months becomes a topic of conversation and buzz.

I cannot be further away from that. Maybe it’s because I have the emotional maturity of a high school senior, or it’s just that I don’t feel like playing for keeps, but I am obviously out of my depth. It’s not that I don’t eventually want to get married, but I don’t want to do things for the sake of doing things. I feel like being together for the sake of doing the right thing at the right time is really pointless. Even worse, are the people who were obviously settling for the sake of being in the right relationship status to your age.

Screw that.

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Commitments Instead of Resolutions


It’s funny, I think that New Years’ Eve is the most couple-y of all the holidays. I know you’ll think, “What about Valentine’s Day?”, but there is a whole market devoted to lovelorn and depressed single people on that day. New Years’ Eve? Not so much. But regardless, we know that New Years’ is the time to make resolutions.

I will be completely honest, I have never kept a single resolution, except for the sarcastic ones saying that I resolve not to keep any of my resolutions. Resolutions are pointless.

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Falling for a Girl, Falling for the Thought of a Girl

Do you love her, or the idea of her?


I crush easily.

It’s a fact. I’m a daydreamer. I fantasize, I romanticize, it’s just what I do.

By now, I’ve realized that, and I temper myself. I know to just lock it down and let it pass, otherwise I make an ass out of myself. 99% of the time it goes away, the other 1% of the time, I tell myself that I should check it out because it might be the real deal.

Recently though, I think even with that 1%, I’ve been lying to myself.

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Morality Trumps Legality

This post is obviously brought about by the terrible events at Penn State. If you’re not familiar with the story, a quick Google search will update you on the details. At the end of the day, the outrage at this incident is real and justified. The act in itself is heinous, but the cover-up and subsequent justification of the actions taken by the administration is reprehensible.

Defenders of Joe Paterno as well as others in the administration state that they fulfilled their legal obligation in reporting the activities to their superior. The individuals who failed to report it to the State have already stepped down. The remaining individuals cling to their defense that they did their legal obligation.


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Why Kelly Clarkson Is the Only American Idol

Weirdest name anyone's ever yelled while getting their chest waxed

I love Kelly Clarkson.

Not in a “I want you, I need you” sort of way, but in a musician kind of way. I’ve never been shy about my love of pop music, and Kelly Clarkson is a master of the genre. She’s definitely not the type of pop artist that gives you a whole performance a la GaGa or Britney, but she has to subsist on talent, and some solid pop song writing.

Frankly, I don’t really care that she won the first American Idol. I’m probably one of three people in the US that doesn’t watch it, and I really can’t stand it. The one good thing that came out of the show that spawned the Hollywood monster known as Ryan Seacrest is that Kelly Clarkson became a pop star.

But why do I love her?

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The Equilibrium of Being Single

It’s 3:07 am, and I’m still up. I’m not out partying, not out drinking, just one of those nights when you can’t fall asleep. I don’t know how it is with anyone else, but any time I’m up after 2 am and it’s not for a reason (hanging out with friends, finishing work, etc.) I get a general sense of melancholy. It’s not bad, it’s not good, I think it’s just my body’s way of telling me to power down and go to sleep. I fight back by turning on Miles Davis in iTunes and writing. As you can see right now, I’m winning that battle.

I always found it funny that people have to be “ready” to go into a relationship, that they have to reach some mystical point to be ready to open themselves up to someone. I think being open is just that, being open. I think whether you’re single or you’re taken, you should be open regardless.

Now, I’ve been single for most of adult life. I have friends who are the exact opposite of me. The total time that I’ve spent in a relationship is the total time that they’ve been single. I guess in some grand cosmic scheme, that’s some sort of balance right? Regardless, I just think there are two different types of people. People who seem to find their equilibrium being single, and people who find their equilibrium being in a couple.

Me, I fall squarely in the single camp.

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