Other People.

I’ve always maintained that I’m an introvert. I like keeping company with myself and the people that I choose to spend time with.  That was ten days ago. That is pure and unbelievable horseshit. I live alone and while I relish in my fortress of solitude, I realize that it’s because I get to choose … Continue reading Other People.


I guess we’ll take a short break from the trivialities of my lovelife to address a more pressing issue.

Anyone who knows me knows my politics. I’m not the guy who will yell at you ad nauseum or post whatever relevant political meme is up at the moment. I believe in what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. Last night was obviously a blow to ideals that I believe in. Continue reading “Tomorrow.”


Black people are second class citizens in the United States. If you don’t believe that, then you have not been out in the world. Slavery is America’s original sin. It was black people, then the Irish, then the Chinese, then the Italians, then the Hispanics, and every time whoever is in power profits. Guess what, even today I enjoy the fruits of nameless laborers who work for pennies. If you complain about your life, just go out and actually see what people go through just to survive.

Continue reading “Rage.”