I helped a woman cross the street Wednesday morning.

I’m pretty sure that didn’t ever happen to anyone in real life. That was always the stereotypical thing that boy scouts did, it got them a merit badge right? Well, anyways, whatever small measure of satisfaction I received from that act melted away as soon as I went into my office and turned on my computer. News of another senseless shooting was up on the front page and just more and more about it. For some reason, I just sat and felt defeated.

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Tenerife Sea.

I’m a hypocrite.

I know that I just wrote that I’m trying to move on from unrequited love, but life happens. You know, painful, unexpected, wonderful life. Sometimes you just stumble upon someone that knocks you out, but this time, it’s something different. We just happened to meet each other, and as contrived as this sounds, it feels like there is just a tiny bit of luck, fate, or whatever you want to call it.

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Engagements in a Parallel Universe.

So, I saw that you got engaged a few weeks ago. Congratulations, and I really mean that. It’s funny, at our age I guess getting engaged is something that’s typical now. Somewhere along the way, you realize that the engagement announcements on Facebook aren’t from just your crazy friends, but somehow it’s become a thing that happened. You and your fiance look incredibly happy, and of course, you’re still stunning.

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When it’s tolerable at night, I walk from 59th street down to my apartment. It’s a good 20 blocks and I take my time. You realize if you put in headphones and just wander, it’s like being in your very own b-roll footage (I’ve accidentally walked into many filming at night). When I wander, my mind mimics my feet. Tonight, my mind drifted toward this girl. The latest in a string of unrequited emotions, except this one is complicated. And when I use the word ‘complicated’ it really means a unique kind of fucked. As I was drifting away thinking about what might happen, or what could be, I realized something.

Unrequited love is easy.

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