2 thoughts on “Rage.”

  1. A few points:

    It may be wrong to judge the quality of people’s accomplishments the same when what they went through to get there is different, but what the Left and their Black tenants desire is an absolute equality of material result without regard to the worth of the Blacks’ input to achieve it.

    And should not reject that it is racist to blame the Blacks themselves for having predominantly single-parent family when it’s been well-known for over a generation that bastardy is the number one cause of poverty?

    The police aren’t militarized. That’s a Leftist shibboleth with no basis in fact. The police have newer, more advanced and protective equipment, much of which was designed originally for the military, that is all. They are NOT trained in a military matter in any way shape of form, not even their SWAT teams. In point of fact, the upgrades in equipment combined with a lack of military style training is a large part of the reasons for their many screw ups.

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