(Ok)Cupid, You Son of a Bitch

2 thoughts on “(Ok)Cupid, You Son of a Bitch”

  1. I too am on OKCupid and have made similar observations but from the female perspective. Every guy loves to be active and go hiking. Again group pictures are a trap and in-the-car selfies are particularly popular.

    Good luck in your adventures! Perhaps we can provide one another with tips to boost our profiles. :-p

  2. Every man is also an “easy-going guy”, which translates to, “run like hell.” Women get “Hi. You have a nice smile” messages or worse all the time. It’s like being cat called on the street, so if you actually want to meet someone you need to separate yourself from the crowd.

    A first email should be three sentences. Two can be things you use in every email. (Spray and Pray) The last one should cite something specific from her profile. DO NOT initiate by complimenting a woman on her looks. It won’t differentiate you from the pack.

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