I remember the first time that I had to wear a tie, I was 13 and it was for a friend’s Bar Mitzvah. Up until then I had only worn clip-ons, because my mom felt that buying a tie for elementary school graduations was a waste of money (and she was correct). When I saw my dad leave for work every morning, he was always wearing a suit and tie. When you’re little your dad is just this surreal figure, and you notice every little thing. My dad always wore his tie perfectly, never loosened it, always with a full Windsor knot. And so, when it was time to finally wear my first real tie, I went to ask my dad to show me how to tie a tie.

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I am not a poet, nor have I really appreciated poetry. Poetry always seemed to contrived to me, people writing to fit a specific form, a specific meter. I could never stand studying it in high school, Robert Frost annoyed me to no end. I once heard someone say that poetry is a young man’s game. I could not disagree more. In college, I read ‘Leaves of Grass’ for the first time, and some stanzas here or there made sense to me. I still didn’t regard poetry as a literary pursuit. Yes, there were the epics like ‘The Odyssey’ which were myths in a specific form. I used to write haikus because I thought they were hilarious and incredibly easy to write.

That all changed when I read the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

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(Ok)Cupid, You Son of a Bitch

So I joined OkCupid. I’d like to tell you that there is some compelling reason, some competition, or this was for “research”. Nope, just to meet women. I’d also like to tell you that OkCupid is some simple site where you can meet up with people that you match with and that the filter and match algorithms they use are great, except I can’t.

These are some things I’ve learned in the few weeks I’ve been on OkCupid

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