A Note for No One

One thought on “A Note for No One”

  1. (applause) “Maybe I just miss actually caring about someone, or maybe I actually miss you”. This is something so many people need to ask themselves, and man is it a question so difficult to answer. I feel like finding a wife/husband in our generation is incredibly difficult…but I don’t know if it is us, them, or the times of today. O_o
    More than I am concerned for myself, I am concerned for my daughter. I was offered by a royal family member of Sikkim, to arrange my daughter who is 1 to marry their son in the future who is currently 12 years old… I really considered it. I don’t want to force my child to do anything and to not live a full life, but I don’t want to leave her in this cold cold world experiencing the pain of whatever lies a head. By the time she is my age, who knows what the world will be like, let along the dating pool.
    With her father, I felt like I gave everything and did everything right, and I felt like I was giving my all to a worthy recipient, all to be crushed later, I cannot even tell you what my lesson learned was, and isn’t that what usually makes it all worth it?

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