Stargazing on Wall Street

So my friend and I were supposed to watch “What If”, a movie that’s been out for weeks already, but somehow, after dinner, at the last showing, the movie was sold out. It has been, a long time since I’ve ever gone to a showing that was sold out, especially with me being on the outside of it. To say the least, I was annoyed, 90% because I really wanted to see the movie (I love me a good indie rom-com), 10% because we had gone to Duane Reade and bought enough candy to last us the movie. Walking away with a bag of Starburst tucked under my shirt was not my plan, but that’s what ended up happening. After stepping out, she decided that since the night was pretty amazing, we should walk down to the Freedom Tower, because neither of us have seen it yet, and when it’s a nice summer night out in New York City, there is a strange compulsion to wander aimlessly. Continue reading “Stargazing on Wall Street”