Getting Breakfast With a Stripper (Pt. 1)

2 thoughts on “Getting Breakfast With a Stripper (Pt. 1)”

  1. It makes me sad when I read about girls who are in this situation because I know they are loved and have so much value. Its someone’s sister, daughter, someone who is loved by Jesus and I’m sure who had dreams and hopes for their life at some point that didn’t include taking her clothes off and being fondled by strangers for money. I pray that Leah is okay wherever she is. It looks so glamorous and shiny at the rhino but strippers are 100x more likely to be assaulted and abused and suffer from substance abuse. It’s a dark horrid world behind the fantasy ppl pay for. The is one of my favorite charities if interested in helping cherished and beloved people who ‘work’ in this industry.

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