The Lost Intimacy of the Slow Dance

3 thoughts on “The Lost Intimacy of the Slow Dance”

  1. Oh my goodness, everything you wrote is so true!

    Back when I was in middle and high school, every dance I attended had at least two slow songs. But when I started college, I was rather surprised that the “dance & casino night” I went to during the first week of my freshman year had no slow songs. At first I thought maybe the DJ had simply forgotten about them; after all, the person in charge of the music wasn’t a DJ by profession. However, it eventually became apparent that most college dances were like this. Out of the approximately 20 dances I attended while in college, no more than half of them had slow songs, and people only actually slow danced at around six of them.

    The “real world” is a similar situation, except there are even fewer opportunities to slow dance. For one thing, there are much less dances to begin with; case in point, I went to one every three months (on average) during my time in college, but only two since I graduated more than five years ago. Both of those “dances” were corporate parties; the DJ did play one slow song at the first one, but nobody actually danced to them, so it’s no surprise that he refused to play any slow songs at all during the second event.

    It’s a sad thing, really. Sure, there are events (such as some dinner cruises) that focus on an intimate experience, and those often have slow songs, but these events are generally not cheap at all. Well, I guess you can always play slow songs and dance with that someone special in your living room. xD

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