My Complicated Relationship with ‘Blurred Lines’


My Complicated Relationship with ‘Blurred Lines’

In order for any song to be the “Song of the Summer” it has to be a few things. First, it has to be catchy. Second, it has to be irreverent and a bit self-aware. Third, it should be able to be played in the car at full blast.

Last year’s song of the summer was undoubtedly “Call Me Maybe”. There is no arguing there. That song permeated damn near everything in the summer of 2012 and it was catchy as hell. I would argue it’s probably the best pop song written in the past decade. To sum it up check this out.

Now ‘Blurred Lines’, this song is what I call strutting music. Walking in New York is a pretty wild experience. What you see on the streets, you’ll pretty much never see anywhere else. Depending on where you walk, you can see the highs and lows of fashion, the most talented homeless people ever, and honestly, some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. If you throw on a pair of headphones and walk with ‘Blurred Lines’ playing as you’re walking, you definitely get a different sense of atmosphere and swagger (even though I hate that word).

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