A Fleeting Glance: Amelia

“I feel like if the date went well, you want to be with them for those last ten steps to the door.”

Here at the Errant Bachelor we understand how hard it is to meet women. It’s one of those intrinsically tough things to feel out if you’re not one Ryan Gosling. Approach it too lightly and you seem like a pussy, approach it too aggressively and you’re a creep. So, we’ve done a bit of the leg work and gone out to strike up a conversation with some random girls about themselves, and their views on us.

I was initially really reticent about doing this feature, but after talking to Amelia, with her helping me out a bit shaping the column a bit, I feel a lot better about it. Anyways, Amelia is a 25 year old financial analyst and we met up for lunch or breakfast, depending on who you ask. Apparently, we were both recovering from a late night. While she looked put together for someone who claimed she had a rough night, I was barely able to assemble myself and speak in cogent sentences. Thankfully large amounts of unhealthy breakfast food woke me from my slumber and, away we go…

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