Waking Up in Vegas (A Guide to Sunglasses)


Waking Up in Vegas (A Guide to Sunglasses)

Vegas is my second favorite vacation destination. When I do Vegas, the hours of sleep I get can usually be measured by the number of fingers on my hands. Though, as a disclaimer, the amount of fingers I see can at times go to 12 depending on how sleep deprived I am. Sure, you might say that I’m an idiot for just not sleeping in until 5 pm, but you know the reason why you can’t? First off, the cleaning staff comes in at around 2pm to make sure your room is livable (or in my case, check if I’m alive) and secondly, the fucking sun.

I don’t know how to accurately describe the sun in Las Vegas. It is a relentlessly punishing ball of fire in the sky that forces you into a pool, buy ridiculously expensive drinks to slake your ever increasing thirst, or just makes your pass out (in which case you forgot to re-apply sunscreen, so you end up burnt to a crisp). Over the summer, my buddy and I would manage to crawl out of our room to let the cleaning service go in and manage to secure chairs by the pool. Which leads me to the crux of the article.


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