Single or Taken: The 5 Minute Rule


Recently being admitted to grad school, I was flogged through a bunch of socials, orientation events, and a variety of other icebreakers where I’m supposed to meet my fellow classmates and get to know them. Forced social interaction is just one of those things that I loathe. Thankfully, life and acting classes has allowed me to appear pleasant enough to go through just enough of the social graces to prevent me from being an outcast. Yay society.

However, while I’m being flogged through said social events, my mind starts to wander and assessing random thoughts and ideas. While being introduced to Whoeverthe Hellyouare who graduated from Idontcareatall University, you start realizing a few certain things. This is why I can confidently say that within 5 minutes in a social situation, I can tell whether you’re single or not.

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